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Getting To Know The Founder

Jill K. Rothar, LMHC, CSC

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Welcome to LifeWorks....the culmination of all of my life's work (so far!).  I was one of the lucky ones in some ways. I knew early.  At 8 years old, I wrote in my "diary" that I wanted to become a child therapist. For decades, my goals and dreams did not waiver, despite the many interests and experiences that life afforded me.  Soon after working with these precious and amazing children, I realized that in order to truly help them, my focus needed to begin slightly upstream, with the couple who created them, whether they are together or separate. It's a daunting task without a proper road map. So, I sought intensive training in the best possible, most evidence-based, relationship therapy approach that existed- it's called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  This  training revolutionized my work with couples and families. It allows me the privilege of bearing witness to success and change on deep levels, not only within the relationship,  but with each individual I have the honor of working with . It has become my sole mission to unite loved ones, to integrate them into a cohesive, caring team and to reconnect them back to where they want to be. After decades of learning about children, couples and families, I am constantly reminded of what I knew at age 8;  We are but a complicated mess of love and pain and strengths and challenges.  And we need each other. 

But most importantly, We Grow. We really do! 

After seeing the power of a healthy attachment unfold in sessions, the concept of Integrative Counseling was finally born. To INTEGRATE means to unify two or more separate entities.  All relationships are hard work, even the one we have with ourself. I often remind myself and hope that you will too,

"Let It Begin With Me".....

    I have devoted my life's work to gaining education and training needed to take on this important mission. I believe the future of humanity lies within our ability to establish secure connections with our loved ones, through both the good times and bad.  I have a Master's in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Maryland. I am a NYS Certified School Counselor. I have extensive training and experience in applied behavior analysis and childhood conduct problems. I also hold an Advanced Certificate in Mental Health Counseling and have a license to practice in New York State.  My mission has always been and continues to be to help myself and others navigate the tricky world of relationships. So often we do things because that's what we've always done, and yet, it no longer works for us. There is hope for breaking these cycles when we pick integration as a goal! Whatever your discomfort, whatever your symptom, a supportive human connection can truly be the remedy. Please join me in doing your life's work at LifeWorks!  

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