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Will therapy help?

The benefits of therapy depend on how well you use the process. It is hard work. And most of that work will be done outside of the office, putting into practice the insights and skills you learned. The therapist can provide support, enhanced problem solving, creative coping strategies, direction & focus. Many people find that counseling is a tremendous asset to their daily lives because of the positive impact it can have on their outlook and relationships. At LifeWorks Mental Health Counseling, we use evidence-based approaches. This substantially maximizes the likelihood that you will experience long term benefits from your participation in this process. There are a number of well documented benefits from participating in therapy. These include:
*Attaining a better understanding of yourself and your loved ones.
*Learning evidence based strategies for managing conflict and solving problems.  
*Finding new ways to cope with stress, anxiety, sadness, grief and other emotional stressors. 
*Discovering new ways to interact with difficult people in your life. 
*Taking risks to change old behaviors and replacing them with ones that work.
*Increased feelings of peace, connection and satisfaction in your important relationships.   
*Improving your self-confidence and sense of self worth. 
*Resolving the issues or concerns that led you to therapy.

How long does therapy take to work?

Many people find that they leave the first session feeling supported and relieved. Change is a process that occurs over time. The more open you are to doing your work, the faster the problems in your life will be resolved. There is no set time frame. However, if you are interested in meeting for a set number of sessions, we are happy to design a rigorous treatment plan for you.  

What does therapy cost?

At LifeWorks we firmly believe that it is a mistake to be dissuaded from seeking support because of issues surrounding finances. We trust in the benefit of evidence based treatments and want to make success within your reach. Costs for our clinical services range from $80-250 per session. We offer a sliding scale fee schedule and are sensitive to your needs.  

Can I use my health insurance?

Yes. The clinicians at LifeWorks Mental Health Counseling participate with several insurance companies. In the event that we do not take your particular insurance as an in network provider,  you still  may be able to use your insurance by applying your out of network benefits for mental health. In this case, you are eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company to cover all or part of the costs of your treatment. When you use your out of network benefits, we ask that you pay your clinician at the time of services. Cash, check or card are all accepted. We will then provide you with a specialized receipt called a "superbill" for you to send to your insurance company for your timely reimbursement. If you need help filing these claims, we are onsite to assist you. Before deciding whether or not to work with a LifeWorks specialist who is out of network, it is suggested that you call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and ask two very important questions. “What is my out of network coverage for mental health?” And, “What is my deductible?” A LifeWorks counselor would be happy to assist you in this process upon request. 



Please keep in mind that insurance companies rarely pay for marital or relationship therapy. Many therapists will use a "family therapy" code to bill your insurance company for couples or marriage work. This means that one person needs to become the "identified patient". This person will be given a psychiatric diagnosis based on his/her symptoms.  At LifeWorks, we truly believe that your intimate relationship is our identified client, not one particular person. By nature, our specialized relationship counseling is non-pathologizing. This means that neither person is seen as sick or our "patient"  who needs to be fixed or cured. We believe that your problems arise from interpersonal difficulties between partners and not because of one person's mental health status. Therefore, we will not assess or diagnose any partner in the relationship. Doing so is in direct conflict with our guiding principles for growth and change.  Without a diagnosis and an established medical necessity, we are unable to use your medical benefits to cover couples counseling. If we suspect that there is a psychiatric condition impacting one or both partners ability to do the hard work required for integrative relationship therapy, we will provide referrals to licensed professionals in your area. In order to help cover the cost of couples counseling we offer generous rates to all couples.  You may also elect to use your Health Savings Account for payment. In addition, using your Out of Network Insurance benefits may be an option for you, as well. We can help you learn the details of your plan more closely to see if this option applies. 


Can I bring my baby?

Yes please! Hand held infants and nurslings are always welcomed. If you are in a pinch and need to bring toddlers and older children, we have activities onsite to keep them engaged. Meaningful therapy is best done when distractions are minimal. Please keep this in mind as you schedule your appointment. Please do not allow children to sit unsupervised in our quiet waiting area.  

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How Can I Contact The Practice Owner? 

LifeWorks Mental Health Counseling, PLLC is first and foremost here to serve you and our local community members by providing the highest level of competent, compassionate, evidence-based care. If you would like to connect with Jill Rothar, LMHC, our practice owner, at any time for any reason, please call or email your questions or concerns.  We will respond to you in a timely manner.